'Rock n' Roll Hit Machine' by American Mafia is aptly titled with every track on it being a hit within itself. Before blowing that statement off as a biased boast it's a good idea to take a closer look and listen to what American Mafia is all about. Founded by Jude and Villano with drums by Marks this release also features an admirable cast of vocalists that lend their flavor to an already spicy mix of hard rock anthems in the making.

It's also worth noting that although this type of sound can easily be branded as simply hard rock there are other elements at play here that make this album diverse enough to be enjoyed by rockers, metalheads, groovehounds and just about anyone that digs a good rhythm and nice beat. It's hard, heavy, groovy and way cool all around.

Listen to a song like 'Obsession' and you'll hear melodic hard rock power then crank up 'Your Good Lovin' and you'll be captivated by the subtle nuances that come to the forefront. Overall 'Rock n' Roll Hit Machine' is one hell of a debut release for skilled veterans that know how to make music fun.

They've got the band. They've got the music. They've got the message. And when you put it all together you get American Mafia. Rock n' Roll Hit Machine. Indeed. Truer words were never spoken.





'Rock n' Roll Hit Machine'

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01 – Obsession
02 – Every Time
03 – Your Good Lovin'
04 – Death and Satisfaction
05 – Friendly Fire
06 – If I Knew
07 – Man on the Flying Trapeze
08 –Living for the City
09 – The Sky is Falling
10 – Let Me Go

11 - All I Need

12 - Resurrection

The Band is:

Chaffin, West, Kunes, DiMeo, Terry, Knight – Vocals
Tom Jude – Guitar
Freddy Villano – Bass Guitar
Bobby Marks – Drums












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